March 27, 2013

She's getting married

                                           3 days to go, and she belongs to someone else. *EMO*

I’m going to miss;

Her. :')

Her ridonkulous sense of logic. Like really ridonkulous.

Her calling me Shorty. *And i'm NOT short! Hmph!*

Me calling her Fatty *I only do it cause she calls me Shorty, I swear*

She coming to my room and asking “WHAT TO WEAR!!!!”

She asking me to do her hair. (And all I always do is a, PONYTAIL :P)

Her wacky sense of fashion accessories. :/ *There’s so many pieces that she picks, that I don’t understand!* Her laughter :)

Her defending me from my parents.

Her allowing me to drive her car. (I was to get permission taw)
She calling me at 7AM on Saturdays to ask if I want breakfast.

Her cooking! She cooks the best kangkung ever!

Me stealing her clothes.

Someone whacking me when they get excited. -__________-

Fighting over the remote control.

Her support when I want to do something ridonkulous, like highlight my hair purple or be an air stewardess.

Me screaming her name, and she chooses that moment to do selective listening. -______________-

And finally giving up screaming and decide to just call her handphone, although she’s just upstairs. :/

Sneaking into her room to curi the aircond remote.

How she knows when I off partying. *I still don’t understand how she knows*
And I gona miss her so much, when mum starts complaining that nobody wants to cut the vege to be cooked on weekends.

I can go on and on, but the fact is I’m going to miss her like crazy.
Gaaaah! I hope I don't cry during the wedding. *FINGERSCROSS* 

I think I don’t like sharing. :(

February 20, 2013

You just never thought you would lose it

Sometimes no matter how much you miss someone it’s still wiser to not have that person back again.

Goodbyes make you think. They make you realize what you've had, what you've lost and what you've taken for granted. They make you realize that sometimes, there are no next times, no time outs and no second chances.

It’s not easy letting go of someone you've put everything into. But it’s harder to realize later on that you've been holding on to something that wasn't there anymore. It’s okay to cry as hard and as long as you want to. Just make sure that when you stop crying, you won’t cry for the same reason anymore.

How can we love people who don’t seem to make things worth at all? Why do we become so numb caring for people whom don’t even think twice when lying to us? Why do we let ourselves hurt and continue hoping for a love that makes us defenseless? And why do we prioritize these people who only choose us as options? Are these the reasons why sometimes in love we end up losing ourselves? Sad but true.

Let go. Don’t force yourself to understand what you can't, to fight hard when obviously it's over and to play deaf to the nagging truth that what you've had, doesn't work and won't work anymore. In life, we always search for answers because we want to prove ourselves that we had the right decisions but the truth is we can’t search for what is not there.

Things happen because it is meant to happen. I have loved you more than you think I would. But it's over now, and I can't always think that it can start again. You broke it, and I can't always put back all the pieces. It hurts a lot, but I must learn to let go. 

Sometimes you need to set things free even though it’s hard. Things may not be the same but soon you’ll see that what you did is far better than before. 
In every ending, there’s such a thing that we call beginning. And to Gods' grace, I hope this is true.

Whaddya know, you did lose me. So soon after the promise.

February 18, 2013

The story of the naked sugarcane

I was walking down the streets at Masjid Jamek last week and saw a whole pile of shaved sugarcane sticks.
I got super excited!!



Noh, not for the reasons you're thinking about. Useless! -_____________-

But, because when I was younger I use to see an exact same kind bundle of naked sugarcane sticks at home. :)

When I was 7ish, I use to stay in a neighbourhood where every kid was every kids friend. I'm serious, we had a gang. :D Our gang members age varied from babies carried by their maids right up to 12 years old.

Every evening, from 5.30ish till 7ish (slightly before the Muslims' Mahgrib prayers) we were the "Taiko" of our the street in our neighbourhood.

We played "Galah Panjang" and "Catch Catch" in the middle of the road as if our parents bought the whole street. Cars that wanted to pass through had to stop till we had all ascertain our EXACT position, so that we could continue the game after the car had pass.
There were times we would break into my neighbour's abandon house and play "Hide and Seek"

The street we so-call "owned"
And when the mood strikes, we would do rombongan pergi ke taman and play "Catch Catch" on the massive spider-monkey bar. It takes serious skill to swing around and climb up the spider-monkey bar at a certain speed to ensure that you don't get caught. Yesh, I was a regular swinging monkey. Such young, carefree, joyful days. :)

The spider-monkey bar

As more evenings were spend together, there was this one particular maid that grew very fond of me. She loved gardening and the owner she worked with had a huge compound, so she planted lots of sugar cane and other stuff. But, I can only recall the sugarcane. 
*I guess I had fishbrains since I was a kid..Tsk Tsk*

Every couple of months, she would send a bundle of sugarcane over to my house. Yes, only my house. I was loved liddat. :)

Daddy will shave them naked and cut them into tiny bite size pieces. Then, my sisters and I would chew on these pieces till the juice is sucked out and the pieces were dry and raw. Happiness triple-fold! :) 

Such kampung-like behaviour, yet I'm proud to say I had a blast sitting by the road side, squatting next to the longkang, shaking trees after it rained, breaking into abandon houses, and last but not least, falling off the bicycle numerous times cause I was foolishly enthralled by the thoughts of letting my hands off the brake pedals while going down a hill. :D
One of our many tepi jalan meeting point. :)
So, BooHoo to kids these days that stay indoor and play Angry Birds of their hp. Btw, is Angry Bird still an "in thing", I wonder....