March 27, 2013

She's getting married

                                           3 days to go, and she belongs to someone else. *EMO*

I’m going to miss;

Her. :')

Her ridonkulous sense of logic. Like really ridonkulous.

Her calling me Shorty. *And i'm NOT short! Hmph!*

Me calling her Fatty *I only do it cause she calls me Shorty, I swear*

She coming to my room and asking “WHAT TO WEAR!!!!”

She asking me to do her hair. (And all I always do is a, PONYTAIL :P)

Her wacky sense of fashion accessories. :/ *There’s so many pieces that she picks, that I don’t understand!* Her laughter :)

Her defending me from my parents.

Her allowing me to drive her car. (I was to get permission taw)
She calling me at 7AM on Saturdays to ask if I want breakfast.

Her cooking! She cooks the best kangkung ever!

Me stealing her clothes.

Someone whacking me when they get excited. -__________-

Fighting over the remote control.

Her support when I want to do something ridonkulous, like highlight my hair purple or be an air stewardess.

Me screaming her name, and she chooses that moment to do selective listening. -______________-

And finally giving up screaming and decide to just call her handphone, although she’s just upstairs. :/

Sneaking into her room to curi the aircond remote.

How she knows when I off partying. *I still don’t understand how she knows*
And I gona miss her so much, when mum starts complaining that nobody wants to cut the vege to be cooked on weekends.

I can go on and on, but the fact is I’m going to miss her like crazy.
Gaaaah! I hope I don't cry during the wedding. *FINGERSCROSS* 

I think I don’t like sharing. :(

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